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Happy Boss' Day, Mrs. Imbroane

Cubberley Girls' Volleyball: Undefeated Div. II Eastern Champs!

Celebrating Red Ribbon Week @ Cubberley

PTA Herolympics 2016

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane? No! It's Almost Carnival Time!

The Carnival is Almost Here!

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Our Teacher of the Year, Ms. Puz

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Cubberley News


Good afternoon eighth grade families!


We are all ready for our first summit tomorrow morning, at Long Beach City College, PCC Campus! Over 3,000 tickets have been reserved for classroom presentations and the exposition center will welcome every family and feature student ambassadors, teachers, parents, and displays of work-based learning.


Tonight, October 21, 2016, the reservation system for our second summit will open at 5:00pm. This summit will be held on 10/29/16 at the LBCC LAC Campus (Clark and Carson Avenues), and feature larger classrooms for more seating.


You can register for up to six different presentations per summit. Each person that will be in the presentation will need a ticket.

The link for reservations for the presentations is:


We look forward to meeting you and helping your family explore the many options that LBUSD offers for high school.



For families with a student in grade eight:


Registration is open for our first High School Summit on 10/22/16 at the PCC Campus of Long Beach City College. Space is limited for each event, and reserved tickets will be first come, first served.


To reserve your spot, please click on the link below and select from our various pathways and times that are still available. You need a ticket to attend the classroom sessions, but the Pathway Exposition Center will be open to any family, regardless of reservations.


** Reservations for our second Summit, on 10/29/16 @ the LAC Campus of Long Beach City College will begin on Friday, 10/21/16.

If you have any questions, please call the Choice Helpline at (562) 997-8306.


Cubberley Families: For the next three days, the weather will be heating up again. Our custodial staff will be coming in early to open windows to cool the classrooms. Please remind your children to take it easy outside.Teachers have been reminded about hot weather precautions including: no vigorous activity, reminding students to keep hydrated, stay in the shade, and to remove heavy jackets. The Superintendent does not intend to call any Minimum Days; however, parents who feel that their child's classroom is too warm may choose to remove their children from school early. Students who leave early will be able to make up their work.

Mrs. Imbroane


Please join us at 5:30pm in the library on Thursday, November 17th for the first session of this year’s Cubberley Parent Education Series (CPES) on Social Media: Kids & Teens And Online Safety. Do you ever feel like your kids know more about technology than you do? Or that you’re not quite sure what the apps on their phones, tablets, and computers do? You’re not alone! In this one hour session, we’ll explore and discuss tools and strategies for helping kids engage in social media in ways that are safe, respectful, and fun. We’ll offer practical tips, tools, and strategies for how to set and maintain safe boundaries for online activities, as well as ways to nurture strong family communication and help kids responsibly engaging in online communities via social media.


Conveniently, each CPES session this year will be right before the PTA meeting, to help busy parents make the most of their on-campus time. Light refreshments will be served at the CPES meeting. In addition, pizza and drinks will be offered at the PTA meeting.


Please RSVP your interest in attending Social Media: Kids & Teens And Online Safety to Leah Macpherson at Each CPES session is created for parents, but kids and teens are always welcome to attend.  We look forward to seeing you and exploring issues that are important to Cubberely families.


Leah Macpherson

Parent & Family Educator

Red Ribbon Week is Coming - October 17th through 21st
"Super Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs!"
Monday - "Be Super and Don't Do Drugs"
Students may wear a red, white, and blue superhero costume or shirt (Superman, Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Power Rangers, etc...,) Red, white, or blue clothes, accessories and hairstyles are also welcome.
Tuesday - "Fight off the Darkness of Drugs"
Students may wear a black and yellow superhero costume or shirt (Batman, Batgirl, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Miss Marvel, etc...) Black and yellow clothes, accessories and hairstyles are also welcome.
Wednesday - "Smash Drugs"
Students may wear a green superhero costume or shirt (i.e. Hulk, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers). Green clothing, accessories and hairstyles are also welcome.
Thursday - "Blast Drugs"
Students may wear a red or gold superhero costume or shirt (Iron Man, She-ra, Booster Gold, Wolverine, Power Rangers) Red or gold clothing, accessories and hairstyles are also welcome.
Friday - "Fly Away From Drugs"
Students can wear free dress today and CAPES! Clothing must still comply with the district dress code, which is the right column of our Cubberley uniform policy.
Please leave masks at home. Let's all have a super great week fighting drugs.

Cubberley Families:

This month's character pillar is RESPECT. Cubs are encouraged to:

Treat others with respect; be tolerant and accepting of differences; use good manners, not bad language; be considerate of the feelings of others; don't threaten, hit, or hurt anyone; deal peacefully with anger, insults, and disagreements. 

Please discuss respect with your children this month.

Let's all work on being more respectful toward each other.