PTA President 2013-2014 Veronica Bustamante

PTA President 2013-2014 Veronica Bustamante
PTA President's Message

Happy new school year everyone!

As I begin my term as PTA President for Cubberley I couldn’t be prouder of representing the best school in the district, as far as I’m concerned.  Sitting around the board table at our first meeting this August I saw at least one representative of each of our grade levels among our board and committee chairs.  Diversity like this is instrumental and I welcome the chance to collaborate with everyone as we address the needs and issues important to the Cubberley family.

It will be a year to remember as we celebrate our 60th Anniversary.  It will be a year of learning, celebration and reflection.  But don’t let the theme, “Time to Celebrate”, fool you.  Of course we’ll indulge in the sweetness of a year so special, but there is much work ahead of us.  We’ll work hard, but we’ll definitely play hard too! 

Be on the lookout for information about the fall PTA fundraiser, our one fundraiser of the year, the “Groove-A-Thon” coming up very soon.  This is the event that keeps the programs you care about going thanks to your generous support.  The grown-ups will have a chance to get their own groove on at a parent night out to celebrate in true 80’s style this November.  (Why should the kids have all the fun?)  We’ll look forward to a return of Breakfast with Books (with more food trucks, due to popular request), Family Nights that promise to be more fun than ever, and a very special Loved Ones Lunch that will include an assembly celebrating Cubberley’s distinguished history.

I’m so grateful for the long list of volunteers on this year’s roster who help make all that goes on at Cubberley a reality.  I also know we need many more and welcome one and all to join in the effort.  It’s thanks to these efforts that Cubberley has been a continuous shining example in Long Beach of what it takes to be a success.  And the secret ingredient is simple: you.  Along with the hard work of the incredible faculty and staff team, we’re the essential final ingredient that makes Cubberley what it is.  Without everyone’s support the equation is incomplete.  It’s that simple.

The legacy left by those that came before us and that which we will leave behind is central to our 60th year.  Looking forward to the generations to come, what do we hope to build and leave behind for them to see?  How do we want to be remembered?  Each of us may come up with varied answers.  As a Cubberley family we can work together to turn these ideas into a reality.

Here’s to the next 60 years!


Veronica Bustamante

Cubberley School PTA President

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Time to Celebrate!

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