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Mrs. Dassero

Welcome to the Middle School Tech Lab ~ We are 21st Century Learners

Thank you for visiting the webpage for the Cubberley Middle School Technology Lab. We are located in Room 41.

The theme for our lab is Technology, the Creative Process and Digital Film Productions.

High School Choice iMovies

The 8th grade students in sixth period have spent the first part of this semester researching the nine high schools of choice available in the Long Beach Unified School District. After completing the research portion of the project, the students selected one high school as the focal point of an iMovie detailing the Specialized Programs or Pathways, SLCs, student life and school culture. 

I'm very proud of all their hard work and dedication to this project and the "experts" that they have become on their chosen high school, as can be seen when you watch their final projects.

Please enjoy!

~Mrs. Dassero   =)

Cabrillo High School

Andrew Herrera


CAMS High School

by Nick Lobato


Lakewood High School

by Lorin Floyd

by Nathan Barrera


McBride High School

by Jade Caldeira

by Joe Damiano

by Kelly Striewig

by Lindsey Herman

by Kailey Donovan

by Josh Wright


Millikan High School

by Danica Gillies

by Destiny Hernandez

by Nick Loya

by Katie Whipp



Polytechnic High School

by Lacey Eason

by Catelin Gallagher


Renaissance High School

by Fatima Castro

by Ella Eleopoulos


Wilson High School

by Jazlyn Jackson

by Josh Pawlowski

by Sam Schulman

by Megan Villaverde

by Breeana Warren

Middle School Technology Lab

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