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Pizza Delivery to Campus

Dear Cubberley Students and Families,

Last week we had several pizza deliveries and drop offs to campus. We cannot continue to accept pizza for distribution to students at lunch as it is a disruption to both the office and the classrooms.


As outlined in the parent handbook and student planner, parents are not permitted to send refreshments to school for distribution to students during the school day. Parents may, however, bring lunch to be given to their own student. Those lunches should be placed on the side counter in the office for student pick up during their lunch time. There should be no unsupervised pizza parties, cupcakes, etc... in the lunch area. In addition, flowers, balloons, gifts, etc... should not be delivered to school.


We gladly celebrate and support authorized school parties hosted by the classroom teacher, the ASB, the PTA, and/or room parents. We welcome your donations and your personal involvement in these school activities.


Thank you for your support.

Mrs. Imbroane

Posted by: Cathleen Imbroane Published:11/14/16
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